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February 24, 2022

All delegates who contributed to the 35th EFFoST International Conference held in Lausanne in 2021 are invited to submit a paper for a special issue of the Future Foods Journal. A full waiver is in place and authors do not have to pay the APC fee. Make sure to submit by 14 April.

An invitation from the Special Issue Guest Editors of the Future Food Journal:

Dear Conference delegates,

We had the pleasure to meet at the 35th EFFoST International Conference in 2021. Thank you very much again for joining.

Meanwhile, the Local Organising Committee has teamed up with Elsevier to form the Guest Editorial Board of the Elsevier journal Future Foods, a dedicated journal for sustainability in food science. We will publish a special issue “Future Foods for Healthy Diets” in this journal, featuring oral presentations and poster contributions from the 35th EFFoST International Conference.

We invite you to submit a manuscript for publication based on your presented research work, slightly updated if appropriate. Your manuscript will undergo the regular peer-review as all manuscripts submitted to the Future Foods journal.

Please consult the Future Foods journal website for guide­lines on manuscript preparation and submission. Please select the article type “VSI: Future Foods for Healthy” when you reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process. Manuscripts will be published in the regular issue as soon as they are accepted and will also be published in the Special Issue once it is completed.

The suggested submission deadline is the 14th of April 2022. If you encounter difficulties in meeting this deadline or have any other queries, then please get in touch with the undersigning Guest Editors.

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your manuscript.

Yours sincerely,
The EFFoST2021 Special Issue Guest Editors
Christoph HartmannErich WindhabFrancesco Stellacci and Fabian Wahl

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