Open call for the ECO-READY project

July 18, 2023

The ECO-READY project is dedicated to fostering ecological resilience and dynamism within the European food system through consumer-driven policies, socio-ecological challenges, biodiversity preservation, data-driven policy-making, and the promotion of sustainable futures.

As part of this initiative, the project will develop a comprehensive real-time surveillance system, the Observatory. This e-platform and mobile application will serve as the primary source of information, providing up-to-date assessments of the food system and consistently updating forecasts. Accessible to society, policymakers, the scientific community, and the agri-food industry, the Observatory will be integrated with a network of at least 10 Living Labs (LLs). These LLs will be established through third-party funding and will function as hubs for knowledge sharing and data collection on aspects related to food security, climate change, and biodiversity.

Currently, the project is conducting an Open Call aimed at financing a network of 10 Living Labs across Europe. The purpose of this network is to collaboratively develop scenarios that address the impact of climate change on food security and biodiversity.

The Open Call presents a significant opportunity for engagement from agri-food stakeholders interested in combatting food insecurity and climate change in Europe.

Through the network of Living Labs, ECO-READY will:

  • Provide short- and long-term local case studies for resilience building strategies across a broad geographical distribution;
  • Connect different types of LLs (geographical, climatic, thematic) to share knowledge and tackle interdisciplinary problems related to food security and resilience;
  • Form a lasting partnership between the network of Living Labs for data exchange.

To maximize the effectiveness of this network, the Living Labs partners should specialize in expertise areas such as food security, biodiversity, and/ or climate change.

If you want to know more about the Open Call please check the pdf presentation and visit the project's website to apply.

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