Editorial for the Special Issue on the 35th EFFoST International Conference in Future Foods Journal


It has been some time since the 35th EFFoST International Conference, hosted in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2021 but we are more than happy to announce that the special issue in Future Foods (IF 5.7) based on outstanding presentations delivered at the EFFoST2021 conference is out!

The 35th EFFoST International Conference took place in Lausanne from November 1-4, 2021, bringing together over 630 people from 43 countries. Despite concerns about COVID-19, the event showcased a strong and diverse turnout, highlighting the demand for progress in food science and technology research.

The conference focused on key trends in food science and technology, emphasizing solutions for healthy and sustainable nutrition. Many studies centered around processing nutrient-rich plant-based materials, serving as sources for plant-based protein, healthy fats, bioactives, and other essential nutrients. Safety research, particularly related to these new materials, was also a significant focus. Additionally, there was a noticeable shift toward new methods for food processing and characterization.

The conference led to the creation of a special issue called "Future Food for Healthy Individuals, Resilient Communities, and Global Food Security" in the Future Foods journal. Authors were invited to submit full manuscripts, which underwent the standard peer review process. The organizers express gratitude to both the authors and reviewers for their contributions, hoping that this effort will enhance the scientific literature in the field.

Every year the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) organises this prestigious academic food science and technology conference. Join world-renowned researchers, scientists, policy makers, professionals and students from multi-disciplinary food-related fields to share the latest developments and create new partnerships.

Download the full issue here