FOODPathS Project survey: how to support systems approach in R&I funded projects?

March 06, 2024

FOODPathS, a project co-funded by the European Commission, is dedicated to providing a tangible pathway and essential resources to facilitate the creation of the European Partnership for Sustainable Food Systems for People, Planet & Climate.

The Coordination and Support Action (CSA) FOODPathS seeks to lay the foundation for the upcoming Partnership on Sustainable Food Systems (SFS). Your input is crucial in shaping the direction of future Research and Innovation (R&I) projects and playing a part in a successful Sustainable Food Systems Partnership. Fill in our survey before 5 April 2024!

In the shift towards more sustainable and healthier food systems, collaboration among all stakeholders in the food system is important. Yet, varying viewpoints and interests among these actors can create obstacles. To address this challenge, there is a necessity for well-coordinated Research and Innovation (R&I) initiatives and the implementation of best practices. This approach aims to transform our methods of food production, processing, and consumption, foster a stronger connection between citizens and food production, and enhance the governance of food systems in Europe.

To achieve these ambitious objectives, securing funding for Research and Innovation (R&I) projects through collaborative transnational calls is a pivotal foundation. Additionally, the Partnership must extend its support to the funded projects, assisting them in adopting a systems approach and attaining impactful outcomes.

In determining the measures and supportive initiatives the forthcoming Partnership can provide to its funded projects, considerations include the requisite knowledge and skills, as well as the specific themes and tools deserving special emphasis. To pinpoint these important measures encouraging a systems approach, FOODPathS is launching a survey.By participating in the FOODPathS survey, you become an integral part of a community working towards a resilient and sustainable food future.

For more information about the FOODPathS project and the survey click here.


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