IFST Sensory Science Group conference explores 'sensory modalities'

May 09, 2017

IFST Sensory Science Group is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its annual one-day interactive Conference on Monday, 22 May 2017 in Nottingham. With an exciting title ‘It’s not always just about the Flavour!’.

The event will take a fresh look at the sensory modalities: appearance, aroma, flavour, texture and aftertaste. Speakers from academia and industry will highlight new developments in our understanding of how the sensory modalities are perceived; explore the practicalities involved in making assessments and measurements; and assess the role of new techniques in improving our understanding of how the modalities interact to create our overall product experience.

The latest confirmed speaker is Andy Taylor, Emeritus Professor, University of Nottingham and Director, Flavometrix Limited whose contribution to flavour research was recognised in 2015 when he was presented with the American Chemical Society ‘Distinguished achievement’ award in Boston. In his presentation entitled ‘The Goldilocks Principle’, Andy will talk us through how getting a product ‘just right’ for the consumer requires ways to measure the different modalities. He will present examples of the analyses available, their relationship to sensory methods, and their application in studying real-life products.

Other presentations and workshops will explore topics such as acoustic memory, individual differences in saliva rate and their effect on mouthfeel perception, the halo effect, characterising malodours, product complexity, and the optimum relationship between expectation and reality for liking.  

Sarah Billson, IFST Sensory Science Group Member said: “We are really excited about this year’s conference program with speakers from industry and academia. It will be a great opportunity to take a 'look' at the modalities that we often don't 'hear' about and get a 'feel' for how they all work together to create the product experience. A definite must for all sensory and consumer scientists.”

For more information about IFST Sensory Science Group Conference programme, speakers and to book your place, visit their website.

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