54 innovative ideas for a stronger European Agri & Food sector

October 18, 2017

The EU-funded business accelerator for the Agri & Food sector "KATANA" (www.katanaproject.eu) reached its next phase. 54 teams are now reward crowdfunding for the implementation of their innovative business ideas! Find out about their ideas and the great rewards they offer in return for money.

After the peer-to-peer evaluation earlier this year, the companies teamed-up with each other and formed 54 consortia in the categories ‘Precision Agriculture’, ‘Mobile Services and IoT’ and ‘Functional Foods’. The 10 consortia who raise the most money, across the 3 categories, will each receive an additional €100.000 from the KATANA project to implement their ideas.

Interested in their novel business concepts? Visit the KATANA’s Reward Crowdfunding Platform and see what they have to offer! People across the whole world can contribute financially and in return the consortia will offer various rewards for investors. If you want to support one or more consortia, you can do so by simply becoming a user of the platform and contribute through the payment mechanism.

The crowdfunding campaign started on October 1st and will end on December 31st 2017.



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