Connect2Innovate aims to increase the success rate of food technology innovation by improving communication between consumers, consumer scientists, food technology developers and other key players.

The failure rate in food innovations is high. Up to 70 or 80 % of the food initiatives don’t succeed. This is caused mostly by miscommunication. Involved key players each have their own language. On top of that, achieving consumer acceptance of new technologies is a very risky and fuzzy process.

The Connect2Innovate online network will address the main challenges which cause food innovation failure rates. Connect2Innovate will help to:

  • Improve communication between different participants in product development and commercialisation.
  • Choose appropriate technologies.
  • Understand consumer acceptance of new technologies and products.
  • Avoid public rejection.

This is done by the formation of a multidisciplinary network of academia and industry partners, giving reflections from different disciplines and access to state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and hands-on practical examples.





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