Nonthermal Processing Division (NPD)

The Nonthermal Processing Division (NPD) is a global interest group. In the middle of the 90’s a group of members of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) working in nonthermal processing technologies promoted the creation of the Nonthermal Processing Division (NPD) together with EFFoST.

The division members are employed by food processors, equipment manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, regulatory agencies, research institutions, and universities in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. The members come from a wide range of backgrounds and perform a variety of functions for their organisations.

Below are a few examples of the titles the NPD current members hold:
Food safety engineer

  • QA manager
  • Research scientist
  • Senior formulator
  • Senior process engineer
  • Thermal process manager

From the very beginning, the need of organizing specific workshops to share knowledge and discuss the findings was identified by both the NPD and EFFoST, thus starting a collaboration that is becoming stronger and stronger. A special workshop planning committee is appointed by the NPD and EFFoST to ensure that all workshops maintain the highest quality standards.
These workshops provide unique opportunities for the scientific community to facilitate worldwide development of nonthermal technologies The location alternates between the US and the EU, and sometimes even elsewhere. The division also keeps its members posted on new developments in the field of nonthermal processing.


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