Taste of Science

Taste of Science is a free online magazine about innovation in the food industry. The magazine keeps small and medium-sized food producers posted on trends, new scientific knowledge and technological developments. Food production is challenged with a fast-growing world population and resource scarcity. On top of tasty and safe foods, consumers want food to tell a story, have natural ingredients and be prepared in a transparent and sustainable way. Taste of Science presents solutions that enable food producers to meet these demands.

The magazine provides insight, inspires, facilitates decision-making on innovation and involves its readers in EU projects. It covers developments in for example technology, health, food safety, traceability, sustainability and marketing. Also changes in EU legislation, subsidy, regional protection and interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs can be found in Taste of Science. In short, everything that can help food entrepreneurs to survive in the increasingly competitive European food market.

The easy-to-read-articles provide insight, inspire and facilitate decision-making on innovation. The online magazine bridges the gap between theory and practice. In Taste of Science, researchers and food enterprises can really be on the same page.

Taste of Science is issued by EFFoST and European Union project TRADEIT.

Editors: Jeroen Knol, Helena Mc Mahon

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