WG Translational Gastronomy

Gastronomy is a component of the global food system that has played an important role in defining many cultures throughout history. It values the origin of ingredients, how they are grown, and how they reach our markets and our dishes. It can therefore be a useful tool to move towards a more balanced food production and consumption since it has a fundamental impact on society.

We would like to invite you to join the new EFFoST Working Group on Translational Gastronomy. The aim of WG in Gastronomic Science and Cultures is to eliminate the barriers still standing between Food Science and Gastronomic Science to generate and promote a new translational science capable to convert their respective research findings into results that directly benefit humans. This would include discussing food security, health, environment and economy sustainability, fairness, heritage of local cultures, and resilience of social communities. 

This aim can be concretely realised if these two Sciences have the opportunity to cross their usual communication “comfort zones” and go beyond their own borders. The WG will facilitate this by connecting people, exchanges of expert seminars, students, citizen engaging events, etc. 

If you would like to stay up to date on the development of the WG Translational Gastronomy, please send an email to gastronomy@effost.org.