WG Sustainable Food Systems

Join us for the 2024 Sustainable Food Systems seminar series that is organized by the WG Sustainable Food Systems.

Sustainability in the food sector represents a combination of factors including food production, distribution, packaging, and consumption. Resource usage, environmental impact, and animal agriculture all affect sustainability, as well as health considerations and social and economic impact.

Although the consideration of sustainability with regard to food production is key to assure the food supply of today and the future, it has become a bit of a buzzword lately and has started to lose its meaning. It is used and often abused in many different contexts.

Hence, the working group on Sustainable Food Systems aims to reflect on the different facets of sustainable food with the following focus areas:

  • Identification of key topics to strengthen the link between food science and technology and sustainability
  • Evaluation of tools for sustainability assessment and quantification
  • Communication of sustainability criteria to different stakeholders such as consumers and the food industry

Finally, the working group on Sustainable Food Systems wants to contribute to the overall goal of achieving an inclusive, fair, and timely transition to a sustainable food system. For this purpose, the working group strives to facilitate the exchange of knowledge across the boundaries of disciplines.

Learn more about this working group, by reading about their members and their upcoming events.

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