3MT competition at the Young EFFoST day 2019

Young EFFoST day 2019 will provide participants with the opportunity to share their research by hosting a 3MT competition. It will be held in between the courses of the evening dinner at the Arminius church in Rotterdam. A number of selected participants will present their 3-minute talk from the pulpit. A professional jury (50%) together with the audience (50%) will select the Young EFFoST winner 2019! 

About 3MT competition
The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition is about presenting your research in three minutes, in a language appropriate for a non-specialist audience. One single static PowerPoint slide is allowed, but no other resources or props are permitted. The 3MT competition was developed by The University of Queensland, Australia. More information about the 3MT competition can be found on the Three Minute Thesis website.

How to sign up for the Young EFFoST 3MT competition?
Are you passionate about your research? Can you present science to the general audience in a compelling and convincing way? Sign up for the Young EFFoST 3MT competition; be inspired and inspire others!

If you would like to participate in Young EFFoST 3MT competition, we kindly ask you to complete the online application form (a short motivation + a short 1-minute pitch video) before the 28 October. Videos will be judged on content and presentation style, and you will be informed by the 4 November whether or not you can participate in the 3MT competition.

The link to sign up for the 3MT competition will be added soon, please stay posted!

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