YED2021 speaker - Alexandra Blanchard

Dr. Alexandra Blanchard is the Research and Innovation Director for the feed additives segment of ADM. She has obtained a Master's degree in plant pathology and physiology from the University of Rennes 1 in France in 2003 and focused her Ph.D. on the evolution of plant/parasite molecular interactions (2003-2006). She dedicated one year to teach plant physiology at the University of Rennes 1 and had a 2 years post-doc experience on plant viruses’ evolution (INRA France and IBMCP Spain). As a nematologist, she was recruited in 2009 by INRA France to develop her own research program on integrative management of gastro-intestinal parasites focusing on host-parasite interactions. Dr. Blanchard joined Pancosma in 2017 to lead research dedicated to the development of feed additives for livestock, aqua, and pet food. In her current position, Dr. Blanchard leads the research and innovation department of Pancosma|ADM developing the feed additives portfolio and ensuring scientific support.  

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