Invited Speakers

Dr. Manfred Aben, Unilever, The Netherlands
Talk Title: A force for good: Purpose-led food system transformation through ecosystem innovation

Dr. Francisco A. Tomás BarberánSpanish National Research Council, Spain
Talk Title: Food Phytochemicals. A journey from food quality and safety to bioactivity and human health

Myrthe de Beukelaar, Innova Market Insights, The Netherlands
Talk Title: Food Phytochemicals. A journey from food quality and safety to bioactivity and human health

Kjeld van BommelTNO, The Netherlands
Talk Title: Advancements in 3D food printing equipment

Prof. Paul BreretonQueen’s University, Belfast, United Kingdom
Talk Title: Recent developments for assuring the authenticity of our food

Jan BroezeWageningen Food & Biobased Research, The Netherlands

Prof. Vincent BuskensUtrecht University, The Netherlands
Talk Title: Spreading information and developing trust in social networks to accelerate diffusion of innovations

Dr Edoardo CapuanoWageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Talk Title: Food matrix paradigm explained: the case of nutrients bioavailability from plant tissues

Prof. Louise FrescoWageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Talk Title: The role of food science and technology in future challenges

Prof. Mike GibneyUniversity College Dublin, Ireland

Prof. Dr. Vural GökmenHacettepe University, Turkey
Talk Title: Computer Vision: A Useful Tool to Monitor Food Quality and Safety Online

Dr. Masja Nierop GrootWageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Talk Title: Impact of mild processing on food spoilage fungi

Dr. Bruce R. HamakerPurdue University, United States of America
Talk Title: Concept of tailoring fiber-based prebiotics for personalized gut health

Prof. Anne-Marie HermanssonChalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Talk Title: Global challenges and the critical needs of food science and technology (FS&T)

Dr. Kate HowellUniversity of Melbourne, Australia
Talk Title: How macromolecules are released from the food matrix; the case of vegetable processing, digestibility and functionality

Prof. Anja JanssenWageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands.
Talk Title: Towards Mechanistic Understanding of Gastric Digestion of Structured Proteins

Signe KjelstrupNorwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Talk Title: Three tools for sustainable food production

Prof. Peter LillfordUniversity of Birmingham, UK
Talk Title: Global Challenges and the Critical Needs of Food Science and Technology

Daniela Segovia LizanoQuadram Institute, UK
Talk Title: Quisper: bridging the gap between consumers and scientifically validated personalised nutrition advice

Prof. Alan Mackie, University of Leeds, UK
Talk Title: Understanding digestion kinetics for improved functionality

Dr. ir. Monica Mars, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Talk Title: Food: the blind spot of nutritionists?

Prof. Erik Mathijs, KU Leuven, Belgium
Talk Title: Moving towards circularity in food systems: barriers and enabling conditions

Prof. Alexander MathysETH Zürich, Switzerland
Talk Title: Circular food systems based on emerging up- and downstream concepts to target more sustainable food value chains

Prof. William Chen Wei NingNanyang Technological University Singapore, Singapore
Talk Title: Technology Innovations for Food Security

Stefano RenzettiWageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Talk Title: Quantitative approaches in food structure and nutrition design: towards personalization and digitalization

Maarten SchutyserWageningen University, The Netherlands

Dr. Robert SevenichTechnische Universität Berlin, Germany
Talk Title: The influence of high-pressure processing at ambient and elevated temperatures on the quality and safety of selected foods

Prof. Eyal ShimoniStrauss Group, Israel

Dr. Chibuike UdenigweUniversity of Ottawa, Canada
Talk Title: A multifaceted perspective on bioactive peptides in health-promoting food design

Hans van TrijpWageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Talk Title: Consumers and clean labels

Dick Veerman, Foodlog, The Netherlands

Prof. Paola VitaglioneUniversity of Naples Frederico II, Italy
Talk Title: Endocannabinoid system and aging: is there a room for healthy food design?

Prof. Marcel H. ZwieteringWageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Talk Title: “Zero Risk does not Exist”

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